Matri pooja at VKV Badarpur

 VKV Badarpur has organsed Matri-Pitri Puja, where all the students and parents of class- VIII, IX & X were   invited to participated in the Programme. The programme started at 10:00AM with the washing of the feet of   father and mother by their child. In the first-half the Matri-Pitri Puja was there. Students offered flowers at the   feet of their parents.

Matri Pooja at VKV Ramnagar

Matri Devo Bhaba, Pitri Devo Bhaba is the tradition of our culture. Students of VKVs also follow this culture in true spirit. This year also the Matri-Pitri puja ceremony was held at VKV Ramnagar SIlchar for the students of class X on 16 Feb’19 in the school premises. This ceremony started with the feet washing of parents by students. It was followed by the puja of  parents by their wards. On this day Dr.

Swachcha Bharat Abhiyan by VKV Tumpreng

swachcha bharat abhiyan by vkv tumprengVivekananda Kendra Vidyalaya,Tumpreng took a step to make Tumpreng clean. There was a meeting in school with the school team members of the school, well wishers, Auto union ,Market committee regarding the planning and implementation of the plan.

Vacancy for Teachers in VKV's 2020 - 2021

Requirement of Teachers for the following subjects in Vivekananda Kendra Vidyalayas :


VKV, Sadiya has observed the day in three places viz, School premises, Sadiya jail and Shannon no. 4.

In school we starts the observation with three omkara followed by Manglacharan and a short speech by a teacher. All the students and teachers participated with great enthusiasm. Total participants -510.


 Namaskar, International yoga day was observed by VKV Borojalenga too on 21/6/18. A yogasana competition was organised for the students of class III to X. Sri Nilendu Deb, Vice Chairman of the VMC took a session on guided meditation for the students of class VI to X . Four group of students( in each group 8-10 students) along with teachers went to four nearby schools to demonstrate and teach yogasanas.