Acharya Prashikshan Shibir Teacher's Orientation Camp VKV Dibrugarh 2009

Working out a common plan to correlate key activities at school
Participants: 78 (including teachers and Principals)
The APS was conducted with specific academic objectives and related issues. Apart from deliberations on the key themes of 'Glorious Bharatvarsha' and 'The Distorted History of lndia', the sessions of the TOC were mostly devoted to formulating a common comprehensive plan
(a) to conduct common exams for classes VI-IX,
(b) to suggest such co-curricular programmes as would integrate co-curricular activities with curricular ones effectively and
(c) to initiate the activities of Academic Council to support and document academic activities. The participants put their heads together to arrive at a common plan to be executed in a manner which correlates curricular activities with co-curricular ones and facilitates excellent growth of both with minimum wastage of time in the process.