Webinar For Alumni

On 22nd August 2020,on the occasion of Mananeeya Eknathji’s Punyatithi and 50th year of Vivekanada Rock Memorial, a webinar on ‘VRM- Ek Bharat Vijayi Bharat’ for the alumni of VKVs was organized. Sri Vishwas Lapalkar, Prant Sangathak, VK Maharashtra Prant spoke on the relevance of the occasion. The webinar was streamed through different online platforms where 1300 people took part. The effort was led by VK, Dibrugarh-Tinsukia, Vibhag.

Webnairs For Libraians

On 24th June 2020 an Interactive Session on 'The Role of Librarians during Covid19 Pandemic' was conducted for the librarians of all the VKVs. Dr. Kishor Satpathy, Chief Librarian, Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata addressed the participants.

Webinar On Covid-19 And Its Economic Impact

 An online session on 'Covid-19: Its Socio-Economic Impact and Related Issues'was held on 14th June 2020 for the teachers of Social Science and Environmental Studies of VKVs. Sri Ritu Kumar Mishra, International Civil Servant, UNO, Africa was the resource Dr. Manashi Sharma person of the session, which 83 participants attended.

Workshop On Active Learning Method

Capacity Building Workshops were organized for the teachers practicing Active Learning Method (ALM) on 25th, 28th and 30th May 2020. On 25th May Smt. Sivagami Sundari, former Chief Education Officer, Government of Tamilnadu, guided the teachers teaching Science, Social Science, EVS and Computer on the steps and the process of ALM in a model class attended by 51 teachers.

Workshop On Activity Based Learning

On 22nd May 2020, an online session on ABL was held for all the teachers dealing with ABL. Sri M.P. Vijay Kumar, Retd. I.A.S officer, Tamilnadu, was the Resource Person of the sessions in which he explained aboutthe impact of Activity Based Learning and its benefits such as learning through involvement, understanding the dignity of labour, peer learning, decision making etc.

VKV Borojalenga Observes Matri Puja and Utsarga Samaroah

Matri Puja of mothers of class X was performed at VKV Borojalenga on 15 February. Students of class X appearing AISSE, 2019 performed the ritual under guidance of Sri Santosh Dubey, Sanskrit teacher of VKV (NEEPCO) Umrangso. The chanting of mantras and value based stories narrated, added to the serenity and piousness of the occasion.