Online Session For Subject Teachers

VKSPV organized online subject specific sessions for its teachers from time to time for the benefit of all the teachers of VKVs teaching different subjects.These were fruitfully conducted by a few senior and experienced teachers of different VKVs, Headmasters of different Vidyalayas and VKSPV officials. The numbers of sessions conducted during the session are presented on the left.

Ganit Pranja Samvardhan

Appreciation Programme: Ganit Prajna Samvardhan (GPS) is a step to appreciate the efforts of the top rankers of Ganit Prajna Pariksha as well as to expose them through interactions to renowned mathematicians and educationists.Every obstacle is an opportunity for a new venture. Considering Covid-19 restrictions, the team GPS organized an appreciation programme online on 26 November 2020. Prof. D. C.

Guru Purnima

Guru Purnima was observed on 21st September 2020 on Virtual Platform.It was attended by the core team members of 25 VKVs including Principals and Vice Principals.During the programme, the message sent by Kum. Nivedita Bhide, Vice President, VK,Kanyakumari on the occasion of Guru Purnima was deliberated in detail by three teachers of VKSPV. Sri Diganta Biswa Sarma, Saha Prant Sanchalak, VK, Assam Prant delivered the keynote address.

Workshop On Purna Vidya(Value Education)

A ten-day workshop on PurnaVidya was conducted by PurnaVidya Trust, Chennai from 15th to 26th June 2020. Eight senior teachers and Principals of VKSPV attended the workshop. As a follow up of this, another workshop for 2 or 3 selected teachers from each VKV teaching PurnaVidya was conducted from 7th to 19th September 2020.Here those eight members acted as resource persons.

Online Session For Science Teachers

On 15th June 2020 an online session for the teachers teaching Science was conducted on Effective Ways of Simulation. Sri Ravindra Godbole, Metallurgical Engineer, IISE Bangalore was the resource person of the session in which 45 teachers took part.

Webinar For Alumni

On 22nd August 2020,on the occasion of Mananeeya Eknathji’s Punyatithi and 50th year of Vivekanada Rock Memorial, a webinar on ‘VRM- Ek Bharat Vijayi Bharat’ for the alumni of VKVs was organized. Sri Vishwas Lapalkar, Prant Sangathak, VK Maharashtra Prant spoke on the relevance of the occasion. The webinar was streamed through different online platforms where 1300 people took part. The effort was led by VK, Dibrugarh-Tinsukia, Vibhag.