Information Technology Workshop 2011

Impressing on technical know-how, building customized school websites
First workshop: 1st-5th september 2011 at VKV  Dibrugarh; Participants: 8 teachers & 8 students from 7 vKVs;
second workshop: 14th-16th February 2011. at vKV (NEEPco) Bokuloni; participants: 7 teachers and 18 students of 8 VKVs The two workshops were conducted for a few interested and capable teachers and students with a view to initiating an IT Forum at each of our Vidyalayas that can shoulder the responsibility of developing and maintaining the school websites and deal with other IT related matters of the Vidyalayas. Sri Hardik Mehta was the Resource person in both the workshops. These IT workshops have been particularly instrumental in motivating and guiding the students and the teachers in launching tailor-made school websites in the last couple of years. The following 8 websites have come into being since the initiation of these workshops: VKV Tinsukia, VKV Dibrugarh, VKV Golaghat, VKV (NEEPCO) Umrangso, VKV (NEC) Baragolai, VKSPV (the office website), and of late VKV (NEEPCO) Bokuloni and VKV (NEEPCO) Doyang. Besides, the IT Forum at VKV Tinsukia has become fully Operational with the necessary impetus from these workshops.