Victims Helped October 2009

2nd October 2009, NC Hills (now Dima Hasao)
Ever mobilising to help people in distress.. 
Never shirking from its societal responsibilities, VKSPV has always been extending help to the people in distress since its very inception. Cash and relief material worth Rs. 2 lakh was donated to 75 families displaced in insurgency torn NC Hills (now Dima Hasao) even as various camps sheltered about 17000 victims. Vivekananda Kendra Kanyakumari is now sponsoring the education of 10 Dimasa children belonging to a few affected families providing each one of them with hostel facilities in VKVs situated in Kajalgaon and Majuli. Earlier, responding promptly to the post strife challenges in the face of Udalguri violence, VKSPV mobilised the VKV community and the general public, and donated to the victims cash and kinds to the tune of Rs. 2 lakh (on 14.12.08). The relief benefited 300 families in the camps in and around Udalguri whereas the displaced victims numbered around 2 lakh.