2nd Veenapani Lalit Kala Samaroh December 2008 VKV Tinsukia

Expressing unit through culturc
If culture is lost, ldentity is lost. The VKV's nourish culture to foster unity among the masses; an objective that finds expression in the biennial Veenapani Lalit Kala Samaroh, a cultural Fest and an initiative of VKSPV, The 2nd Samaroh of its sort was this year attended by 216 students of 12 VKV's. The cultural items such as Bhajan, Borgeet, Patriotic Song, Poem Recitation, Sattriya Dance, Classical (solo) Dance, Mime Show, lnstrumental Recital (String & Tabla) etc. constituted the cultural extravaganza, Renowned personalities from various fields were invited as observers and they also guided the participants to grow further in their respective fields.

Dr. K. K Dwivedi, Deputy Commissioner,Tinsukia and Sri R K Hazarika, Inspector of schools, Tinsukia circle were the Chief Guests of the Udghatan Utsav (Inaugural Function) and the Udjjapan Utsav (Concluding Function) respectively. The whole hearted support of the parents and well wishers made it a landmark in the cultural pursuits of VKSPV.