Educational Excursion by VKV Suklai to the Assam Legislative Assembly and the Science Museum

Vivekananda Kendra Vidyalaya Suklai in Assam, organized an Educational Excursion for its students on 12th February, 2024. The excursion aimed to provide students from classes VI to VIII with an  enriching learning experience at the Assam Legislative Assembly and the Science Museum.

During the excursion, the students had the opportunity to witness the Budget session at the Legislative Assembly as audience for 1 hour and 40 minutes. This session offered them valuable insights into the legislative process. Following this, students had the privilege of interacting with the Honourable Speaker, Sri Biswajit Daimary Ji, in his personal office. The Honourable Speaker enlightened the students about the formation of ministers and their respective roles and responsibilities, enriching their understanding of governance and democracy.

Upon the Honourable Speaker's recommendation, the students proceeded to explore the Assam Legislative Assembly library Hall, where they delved deeper into legislative matters. They then enjoyed light refreshments at the Honourable Speaker's quarters. Subsequently, the students went to visit the Science Museum, where they had the opportunity to explore various exhibits and learn about scientific principles under the guidance of their teachers.