Matri Puja and Utsarga Samaroha || VKV Dhemaji

"Matri Puja" was conducted for the students of Class X (appearing for the Board Examination, 2023) to worship their mother at the Patanjali Sabhagriha on the 4th of January, 2023 (Saturday). The Class-X students received their mother to the prayer hall after washing their feet and offering Aarati. It was noticed that such a holy task was done by the students for the first time in the their life and it could touch their heart. Out of 37 students a total number of 30 students (along with their mother) graced the occasion.


Each and every mother was welcome inside the prayer hall after putting a Tilak on their forehead. The Welcome Address was delivered by Smt.Lukumoni Borthakur, the honourable Principal of VKV Dhemaji. She spoke significance of the ritual and introduced Sri Rupesh Singh Sir , the Sanskrit Language teacher,serving at VKV Dibrugarh. Under the guidance of Sri Rupesh ji, the programme started with the invocation in Sanskrit by Class X students and a follow-up all the rituals to offer 'puja' to their 'Matri' (mother) same as 'Eshwar' with Dhoop-Diya-Akshat-Amra Patra (mango leaves), tilak with all sanctity. The environment made us feel the purity, peace, sanctity and integrity of being a 'Bharatiya' and follow our 'param dharma' that makes every 'Bharatiya' matchlessly unique. The UTSWARGA ceremony was also performed in traditional way chanting the sanskrit mantras by students led by Rupesh Sing Sir After that, the participants, firstly, offered their prayers to Bharat Mata, then took blessings from Sri Rupesh ji and Principal didi respectively, and they were given a Calendar, and a life-enriching quotation of Swamiji in the printed form. Thus, the students' "Utsarga Samaroha" was sanctified and completed with all necessary inputs and rituals. Thereafter, each and every mother present there, also, offered their prayers to Bharat Mata and also to Rupesh ji.


After the programme was over, "Khichdee (along with Mixed Veg. Curry and Kheer) was offered to all the participants. The whole procedure of the "Matri Puja" was being performed wholeheartedly by each and every mother and student present on the occasion. It reflected how unique and matchless our programmes are.


The participating mothers personally shared their experience and appraised the vidyalaya for organising such a value-based programme for the development of mother – child relationship in and creating the right awareness in our society and the nation as a whole. Thus, everyone could realise that it was great to be a part of the illustrious Vivekananda Kendra 'parivar' and the bond of oneness is not temporary but for whole life.


In this way, the programme was concluded with a positive note.